The Pit Falls and Wind Falls of webcam casino bonuses

The Pit Falls and Wind Falls of webcam casino bonuses
Written by Staff Date: July 18th
2007 Everyone knows that web based online casino bonus is offered to get you to try their casino. These are fine if you know what your doing
and how you are going to us your bonus. Unfortunetely
due to no fault of the casinos
players get frustrated when they don’t have reasonable expectations on what their bonuses are. In a word
bonuses are not free. Bonuses aren’t free money. Bonuses are more like contracts between the player and the casino. The “contract” has terms and conditions that both parties have to adhere to in order for the bonus to fully be realized and both parties happy. On the one side you have the player
who in exchange for playing a certain way
for a certain amount of time
he will get his bonus amount. Quite often a high roller who knows what he is doing will be able to play through the bonus requierements and still be ahead. On the other end of the deal is the casino
who’s goal is to reward first time players or reward loyal customers who play with them frequently. Now
you can’t just claim a casino bonus and then expect to walk away. To prevent this
the casino established play through criteria to make sure that there is a fair amount of casino action before the bonus is released. The requirements are called play through requierements. Play through Requierment:  The average is 15-35X of your deposit
and sometimes it can be as much as 50-60X depending on what games played and where you are from. Here’s a typical bonus scenario. Let’s say a real webcam casino is giving you a sign up bonus of 100% up to $600. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well most people don’t know that if you accept the bonus you have to play through either the bonus amount or the combination of the bonus amount and the deposit a factor of thirty times or more depending on the casino you are at. You deposit $600 you get $600. So now you are playing with a total of $1200. If the play through is a factor of 30 then you make bets totaling more than 30X$1200 which in this case is $36
000. It may not sound like much
but when you are playing a game that has a payout of 95% then you’ll statistically consume through the bonus and the deposit before the play through criteria is met. Let’s say you’ve played and have the amount up to $54
000 and only played through $7000 of the original balance plus deposit. If this were the case then you wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money from the webcam casino until you’ve met the play through requirements. This is why I recommend that you may want to start your gaming experience by not taking the bonus. This will give you the freedom to leave the table with your money whenever you want. This is specially so for players who like to play casino slots Opting out of the bonuses by not accepting it could be the best way of preserving your balance and increasing your chances of hitting it big (ie. Progressive slots etc. ). There are exceptions with certain casinos that offer a low play through criteria and allow you to play high payout games like baccarat and blackjack. If in the case above you are given a play through requirement of 20 times the deposit and bonus and were required to play a total of $1200 before withdrawing you have a statistically better chance of making money with baccarat which has an extremely high payout of more than 99% if played currently. This would mean that you could play through the $12000 requirement way before you statically ran out of money. That’s why it’s important to pick your bonuses carefully before you claim the bonus. Take into consideration the play through requirements and the game you like to play in order to make sure that when it comes time for you to withdraw you will be the winner. If you have any more questions regarding certain games or details of a certain casino programs play through requirements please feel free to email us.

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