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Online Progressive Slots for Microgaming Platform


Online Progressive Slots for Microgaming Platform
Online Progressive Slots (Microgaming Platform) (Part 2) Written by: BondedCasinos.com StaffDate: 23 June, 2008 Both land-based and online casinos have progressive versions of many of their games.  Especially slots and video poker. But slots lovers will quickly learn the jackpots are much bigger at online progressive slots due to the simple volume of people playing the games. Software providers incorporate the play from all the casinos to which they provide the games into the progressive jackpots so they get much bigger and payout more often. Huge money jackpots are hit regularly and paid out providing you’re playing at a reputable casino. Progressives are also offered in other game types that won’t be found at most land-based casinos. Not too mention even if you did find them they won’t have near the size jackpots that online progressives accumulate. Online slots games both progressive and not .. offer automatic play meaning you can set it to spin with settings that allow for the game to be stopped after a big win,  a set amount of money is won … or lost. Progressive slot games found online offer a variety of credit values … so there are games to fit anybody’s budget though those games that cost less to play seldom boast the sizeable jackpots that the higher stakes progressives will payout. Keep an eye on the progressive games and over a short period of time you’ll get an idea at what amount they tend to payout thus giving you the advantage of knowing when to play that respective game. On an ironic note … there have even been players that have hit progressive jackpots twice in the same day or within a short period of time between the two wins.  ……. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! If you would like to read more about online slots you can read the previous article about the general aspects of microgaming casino slots by clicking here.

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